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If you're funny, don't tell someone you're funny. Tell them a few jokes. If you've got a fresh new way to help healthcare practitioners market their business more effectively, don't just tell them, show them. In this website, I want to do both. Humor is being proven over and over again as a very effective, but seldom used marketing tool in the healthcare industry. So let me tell and show you something amazing.


My name is Mark Pié. I am a professional cartoonist who has been given a rare opportunity to practice what I preach. In addition to being a cartoonist, I am also a hearing specialist. You see, it's more than just theory for me. I have seen my cartooning humor deployed on the front lines, with patients right in front of me, reading my cartoons, laughing, relating, learning and recommending others to come in to the practice. It really works. 


I've seen humor relax the anxious, soften the angry, lighten the depressed, reverse the negative, encourage the fearful, connect the disconnected, open closed doors, clarify the confused, engage the apathetic, teach the difficult, recall the forgettable, and bond with those thought to be un-bondable.

So why should you use cartooning in your practice?  Because you are looking for a better way to make your messaging “stick”. Because patient loyalty is huge and you know that patients are more likely to be loyal to you if they are made to feel good in all their dealings with you and your staff. 


Thanks for diving a little deeper with me on this subject. I encourage you to take one more important step. BE THE INNOVATOR. Don't watch others succeed. Be the one others watch succeed.


Keep laughing! It's good for business. 

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